How Twitter Different from Other Social Media Sites?

How Twitter Different from Other Social Media Sites_ (1)

Twitter is one of the great platforms for all Businesses and marketers. The Twitter marketing approach is different from other social media websites. Understand how Twitter Marketing works on the social media landscape and make the best use of it.

Business Today uses Twitter for:

  • Creating Brand awareness
  • Information sharing
  • Promotional activities that drive user-engagement
  • Customer interaction
  • Networking
  • Reputation Management

Now, it is time to go beyond setting up a profile, publishing posts, hits and likes. Twitter marketing strategies help Businesses to be more successful.

Twitter Chats:

All the marketers look for more followers. But, how should we get more Twitter followers? A Twitter chat is one of the more effective ways to gain more active followers. Because people who participate in Twitter chats are the more active and engaging users of social media. These people doesn’t only use Twitter for content sharing, but to interact with the people. These are the people who actively participate in giving replies to your tweet and Retweet them.

Get started with Twitter chats by searching for the marketers and business owners in your niche. If you are unable to find the Twitter chats of your industry, then start on your own. Add value to your conversation, instead of just tweeting create a beautiful twitter image that grabs more attention.

Make Conversational Tweets:

Many of the Brands just do one-dimensional tweets. The tweets are just broadcasts that include a headline and a URL. Tweets should more than simple quotes, headlines, and funny statements. The ideal tweets should open the doors for conversations.

  • Tweet open-ended questions
  • Make replies to other tweets
  • Add a short description than just tweeting links

The conversational tweets drive more engagement. Replying to the tweets and being responsive on Twitter drives new customers. Providing educational content, responsiveness and promotional offers prompt the user to purchase.

Twitter Videos:

Twitter has native videos feature, which allows you to record videos and upload them directly to the Twitter video stream. And the other option is using the Periscope, which is a live streaming app owned by Twitter. These are seen in the news feed of your followers. The followers are interested in watching your videos rather than a simple content post.

Viral Post:

Most of us are always thinking about when should we tweet?  There is a built-in feature in Twitter that serves answer to your question. It is “Viral Post”, this feature chooses the optimal times depending on the time when your followers are active.

Set up Goals:

Businesses and marketers instead of just publishing content and waiting for the reach are completely assumption-based strategies. Businesses should set some goals on Twitter they include:

  • Build an engagement
  • Improve your brand reputation
  • Quick response to the customer replies
  • Generate new leads
  • Drive more traffic to your website or blogs
  • Connect with bloggers and influencers

Track your goal progress using some tools like Google Analytics and Twitter automation. Following all these steps you will be beyond just setting up an account and occasional tweeting.